Meet the Designer

Annie Cavalero is a jewelry designer who, when not crafting necklaces or dreaming up earring designs, moonlights as a comedy writer-actor (if you missed her appearance on “2 Broke Girls” or her star turn voicing a grape Welch’s commercials, check out the aspirational wellness podcast parody she created and stars in, SLOP: Spiritually Living Outside Preconceptions).

Annie inherited her passion for gemstones from her geologist grandfather and lapidary great-grandfather, and for jewelry from her grandmother. Her life-long love affair with design was initially relegated to pieces for family and friends; however, when the world shut down in 2020, Annie found herself (like so many others) searching for a creative outlet that would provide a sense of meaning, purpose and joy in such turbulent times. Finding comfort in memories of trying on her grandmother’s fine jewelry in their pajamas and bathrobes, Annie turned to jewelry design to recapture that endorphin-enhancing escapism of playing dress-up with her grandmother.

Inspired by that mood-boosting nostalgia, Annie’s designs are beautiful body armor, created with the intention of reminding you how powerful and resilient you are; and, in a world that encourages women to shrink themselves - bold, colorful pieces that command attention, as wearable with sweatsuits as they are with pantsuits and party dresses. Annie’s grandmother believed that “throwing on some sparkle” inspired a sense of invincibility that should be celebrated, whether it was with a bathrobe or on the red carpet - a lesson to seek out joy daily that Annie embraces in all of her designs.

Intentionally crafted with the patina of life, each piece reflects the human hands that made it, and celebrates the imperfections that make each of us - and gemstones! - so uniquely one-of-a-kind. Designed to be modern heirlooms with an originality and sense of timelessness that will make them both relevant now and cherished forever, with the intent to be passed down to future generations as a family heirloom of your own.

Annie personally selects the gems, beads the necklaces, and designs the earrings and pendants brought to life by master jewelers and lapidaries she works closely with. Collaborating with other women, sustainability and utilizing her privilege to give back are core values for Annie, personally and professionally; since launching in 2020 as a small Etsy shop, over $10,200 of sales has been donated to nonprofits and meaningful organizations.

We understand what an investment fine jewelry is, and hope that when you slip on your gems, you’re reminded of how far you’ve come, how strong you are and all that you’ve accomplished; that you, too, remember all the women who came before you and stand a little taller, prouder, *louder* every time you wear our jewelry.

And, in a world that is serious enough, we aim to put the fun in fine, and inject a dose of dopamine in your wardrobe - and remind you not to take life too seriously when you look in the mirror. For us, it’s in that levity that we find confidence, strength, resilience and empowerment.

It is my honor and joy to have you rock my jewelry. I hope these pieces encourage you to find your light and stand in it; that they make you feel seen and loved for who you are, gorgeous inside and out. Thank you so much for your support.

X Annie